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Trueson specialises in CRM, Data and BI

We help manage efficient commercial operations, and develop easy-to-use solutions that add value, drive efficiency, improve CRM adoption, and ongoing business processes.

Territory Management 2.0

Salesforce will retire Territory Management 1.0 from June 2020. Veeva CRM will be Territory Management 2.0 enabled from 19R3 (december 2019), offering a transition period of 6 months to prepare for this change.

Implications are significant and may impact all custom code and integration, such as custom reports, MyInsights reports, sharing rules, account page layouts, data load templates etcetera. Start preparing now!

Trueson can assist you in making this transition as smooth as possible.
Services include:

- Technical and functional analysis; assess integration components, custom reports, MyInsights reports, data load process, CLM.
- Remediation plan execution, data migration including reloading of territory hierarchy and user-to-territory assignments in new datamodel.

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MCCP FastTrack

MCCP FastTrack (part of the Trueson CRM Suite) helps commercial teams simplify the administration of Veeva CRM multichannel cycle planning, significantly reducing workload, and reducing risk of errors when preparing cycle plans.

MCCP FastTrack is a nicely structured workflow-based app, designed for and fully compatible with Veeva CRM Multichannel Cycle Planning. It leverages Veeva standard objects, and is flexible to consider also custom objects.

MCCP FastTrack is priced at an annual  fee per Company Affiliate dependant on field force size,  starting at € 5.000,- per year. Services to support configuration and implementation are available. Contact us for a quotation!

MCCP FastTrack successfully passed the Force.com ISV Security Review and is available on AppExchange.


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MyInsights reports

Trueson is Veeva CRM MyInsights Certified services partner and develops custom reports for your needs, giving field teams insights within Veeva CRM they didn’t have before.

To demonstrate the immense flexibility, we developed a library of examples like:
- highly intuitive dashboards with OpenStreetMap integration, combining Activity and Sales data on interactive maps
- dashboards containing all critical information for order taking, saving a lot of preparation time and supporting successful order negotiation

Custom reports from €10.000 per report

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Order Management

Trueson provides a custom solution to complement the Veeva CRM Order Management Pricing Rules Engine, and optimise the process of creating and maintaining complex pricing rules.

You decide the discount structure, and using the custom solution Trueson generates the Veeva CRM Order Management Pricing Rules and performs integrity checks. The output can be loaded directly into your Veeva org.

“This pricing rules solution gives our field teams much more flexibility into giving detailed discounts, improves our negotiation position, and enables us to meet customer needs quicker.”
- Henk Veeloo, Manager Sales & Marketing Support, Veeva Support Benelux, Nordics and Finland

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About us

Trueson is a services company, specialised in (Multichannel) CRM, BI and Data Management. Our services contribute to efficient commercial operations, great projects, more satisfied users, increased adoption, and higher return on investments. We add value through pragmatic and sustainable solutions, reliable resources, and true collaboration.

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Don't know how to combine Calls and Sales data into a single actionable chart in Veeva CRM? Don't know how to customize Veeva CRM MyInsights to serve your own needs? Let Trueson help you with our MyInsight reports! Contact us TODAY to GET A FREE DEMO


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CRM – PART 2. TYPES OF CRM CRM is usually classified into three types: • Operational CRM: sales automation, marketing automation, customer service automation. This type facilitates the customer contacts with the organization and subsequent processing and fulfilment of their requirements.

CRM part 2

- Brian Tran


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