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Do you want to know how your business’s CRM is doing on the road towards GDPR compliance? Check out our Trueson GDPReadiness Assessment – no commitments or strings attached of course.
Last week, the European Data Protection Congress 2017 took place in Brussels. Our GDPR compliance consultant Arjun attended. When in a session with the European Data Protection Supervisor, mr. Giovanni Buttarelli, the following question arose:

Member of the audience:

Our experience working in the business side is that some companies are saying “we’ll wait who gets fined first before we get to complying with the GDPR”.

Giovanni Buttarelli:

This is the best, in terms of a suicide approach. Fines will come, but that is not even the main problem; reputation is. The emphasis will be on trust and confidence. The implementation cannot be improvised and takes time.

In roughly half a year, the GDPR goes into effect. The perfect opportunity to combine compliance with the practice of good data governance, efficiency, and insights. The GDPR applies to your business as well, so hopefully you started preparations. You may have questions: where should we start, and what exactly do we need to do?

How about we help you with that – right now, for free, without any commitments.

If you want to know your current status on the road towards GDPR compliance, you can find out now. We have designed a concise and comprehensive assessment; at the end of the assessment, you will be presented an indication of your current level of readiness. If you want any specific information or more detailed feedback, we are happy to do so as well.

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