Veeva CRM Events Management & Transparency reporting

France Transparency Requirements

In France, for several years now successive anti-gift laws have continued to raise many difficulties in their implementation. With the application of the law of 29th December 2011 and the decree of 21st May 2013, an additional constraint has arisen with the publication of the conflicts of interests between health professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.

2018 will once again be a new turning point in the anti-gifts law that will complicate the management of your operations.

It is important to be structured and find solutions to meet the regulatory requirements and constraints. How do you make sure the data you publish is complete and accurate?

Veeva CRM Events Management

One of the strengths of the Veeva CRM Events Management module is that it allows to manage also the post-operation phase of an event, integrating all aspects related to participation and organisation (e.g. no shows, meal-opt in, actual individual expenses). Connectors between Veeva CRM and Transparency solutions enable automation of the administrative side to the French legislation (DMOS) and European legislation (EFPIA).

Implementing Veeva CRM Events Management, and Transparency reporting

Trueson has deep expertise in deploying Veeva CRM Events Management, in particular in relation to compliance, DMOS, and transparency reporting on transfers of value.

Some of the Veeva CRM Events Management and Transparency reporting activities we manage:


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