GDPR – Are you ready?

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Have you started to prepare for the new EU data protection regulations? Many companies and organisations risk high fines because they are not yet ready for the new data protection regulation. Research on 350 Dutch companies showed that over half had not yet begun to seriously prepare for the GDPR. The new data protection regulation is positive for individuals as they have more control over their data, but companies and organisations have to adjust their systems and processes to comply. The more sensitive the nature of data is that a company registers, the more stringent the regulations.

How is Trueson getting ready for GDPR? We have appointed a Compliance & Security Officer, who will ensure our systems and processes are compliant with the GDPR.

How can Trueson help you prepare for GDPR? To help other companies and organisations better understand GDPR and prepare for it, we will be posting a blog series explaining the different aspects of the GDPR. We are also launching GDPR Readiness services, including a readiness audit, and recommendations on systems and processes adjustments.

You may find this NOS article of interest, explaining the urgency of preparing for GDPR and the financial risks involved, here

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