MCCP FastTrack 1.10 available now!

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We are pleased to announce the release of MCCP FastTrack 1.10.

If you’re not familiar with MCCP FastTrack yet, it is an app to significantly simplify and speed-up the preparation of Multichannel Cycle Plans within Veeva CRM. The app is on AppExchange, and is developed by Trueson specifically for Veeva CRM MCCP.

Focusing on reducing Administrators’ workload, the app provides in some real time savers such as cloning of Cycles and Cycle Plans, and mass-assigning Targets and Goals across multiple Cycle Plans.

Release 1.10 contains enhancements that your business users will appreciate, such as:

  • Setting the order of filters on Accounts when adding Targets
  • Defining which filters should be displayed as columns on relevant pages
  • In Set Standard Goals, distribute Targets to the applicable Cycle Plans by Territory

You are still in time to benefit from this app for preparing your Q1 2020 Cycles and Cycle Plans. Contact us for a demo!

Free demo of MCCP FastTrack
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