NRC: “Plotseling is iedereen privacy-expert”

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NRC: “Plotseling is iedereen privacy-expert”

Our GDPR Complaince & Security Consultant Arjun Swami Persaud contributed to a news article in the Dutch newspaper NRC. Here you can find a short summary, as well as a link to the (Dutch) article.

Now that the effective date of the GDPR – 25th of May 2018 – comes ever closer, the Regulation increasingly gains significant attention. A plethora of new offices claims to be able to magically solve your company’s GDPR worries – for a fee of course.

The article mentions that it is estimated that in the Netherlands alone, several thousand privacy officers will be needed structurally. However, due to the lack of official certification, it is unclear by what standards you can judge whether or not someone is qualified. This was also a point of attention in our last blog post on GDPR and the Data Protection Officer. Consensus is that you should choose a company with the experience and know-how in your field.

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