Territory Management 2.0

Start preparing for Territory Management 2.0 now!

Salesforce’s Territory Management 1.0 will be retired from June 2021.
Though Veeva CRM will be Territory Management 2.0 enabled from 19R3, implications are significant.

Territory Management 2.0 has a different data model, and custom code and integrations referencing are likely to be impacted. These may include custom reports, MyInsights reports, sharing rules, account page layouts, data load templates etcetera. Such will not be addressed by Veeva CRM releases and are not included in Veeva’s Assessment tool.

You have a transition period of 18 months to prepare for this change, between December 2019 and June 2021. Start your preparations now!

Trueson can assist in making this transition as smooth as possible.

Our services offering:

– Assess custom code, integrations and multichannel content

For all assessments you will receive our Remediation Plan identifying and prioritising focus areas.

– Remediate and migrate


Start preparing now, contact us to discuss your needs and explore possibilities!