MCCP Manager


Veeva Multichannel CRM combines traditional and digital channels, and provides an integrated and compliant approach to channels such as face-to-face, field emails, online engagement, and events. Having all these channels integrated in one application, enables a shift from stand-alone channel strategies to full cross-channel orchestration.

For planning strategic multichannel execution, Veeva provides Veeva Align, or Veeva CRM Multichannel Cycle Planning:


Trueson CRM Suite: MCCP Manager

Veeva CRM Multichannel Cycle Plans (MCCP) is a great feature to manage your strategic multichannel execution, but it involves a series of repetitive steps and file that can be complex, time consuming and error sensitive.

Trueson developed the MCCP Manager solution to help commercial teams reduce the administrative burden of Veeva CRM multichannel cycle planning.

What is it?

What are the key benefits?

How does it improve the Veeva CRM standard process?

Does Trueson provide end-to-end support?

Yes. MCCP Manager is an app for your Veeva CRM environment. Trueson’s team of experts can in addition advise you on multichannel cycle planning, and support your processes end-to-end.

Some examples:


Filter and add multiple MCCP accounts in one go
Automatic calculation of Channel interaction
Generate Cycle and Cycle Plan load files with a single click

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