Veeva CRM MyInsights

What is Veeva CRM MyInsights?

Veeva CRM MyInsights is an innovative data visualisation capability that provides tailored real-time insights right in Veeva CRM. A new and exciting way to visualise performance and customer insights, driving focussed behaviour and enabling efficient decision making.

MyInsights gives you the flexibility to combine whatever information in whatever format, depending on your specific needs and preferences. MyInsights takes Closed Loop Marketing and Commercial Effectiveness to the next level, from enabling the sales team to better perform, to management having better decision making insights.

Trueson MyInsights dashboards

Trueson is Veeva CRM MyInsights Certified services partner, and develops custom MyInsights reports for your commercial teams’ needs.

To give you an idea of the range of possibilities, we developed a library of MyInsights custom reports. Not simply replicating common used market and performance reports, but developing new and appealing ways of visualising data, and providing combined insights that field representatives didn’t have access to before.

Trueson MyInsights reports are responsive and attractive, designed for iPad,  embedded in Veeva CRM. They add a great deal of visibility and user friendliness, but especially the content of the dashboards and  geographical interface will get your field teams excited! They now have access to highly intuitive reports that combine Calls and Sales data into a single actionable chart. Or to a dashboard containing all critical information for order taking, saving a lot of time in preparing the face-to-face, and supporting successful negotiation of the order.

Some of our reports:


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