Veeva products during Covid-19 pandemic

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Because of Covid-19 travel restrictions and internal risk mitigation plans, life science companies are challenged to connect with HCPs differently, and working from home is an effective solution in this context.  Then, a new concern is raised: How to be productive while working from home? One of the most critical factors is technology. Has your organization prepared well for working from home? It’s time for you to take a look at Veeva Multichannel Products. Veeva provides Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM), Veeva Approved Email (VAE) and Engage Meeting, which all focus on efficient communication with HCP’s via remote access.

Firstly, Veeva CLM is a tool delivering the right message at the right time. Veeva CLM allows for targeted sales calls, easy to access digital sales materials, and sharing the latest approved content. Veeva CLM tracks and records interactions and presentations during a (remote) sales call back to the CRM. Veeva CLM is capable of highly interactive, HTLM5 presentations. In addition, you can use Veeva CLM as a form to capture a wide range of information. What is more, Augmented Reality can be built into a key message to enhance a story and display product metrics, effects, and information.

Veeva Approved Email allows salespeople to send compliant, personal emails to HCPs by utilizing fragments and customizable fields. The average open rate of VAE is 36%, particularly 29% on mobile devices and 56% on PCs. Veeva offers a full dashboard of report templates to use for understanding utilization and making enhancements. VAE is a great solution for inviting HCPs to remote meetings in Veeva Engage Meeting, and for sending meeting reminders. 

Veeva products, along with substantial services from Trueson, will help your company boost efficiency in this working-from-home season.


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