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Trueson expands its BI skills with Power BI -FR

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Trueson has expanded its BI services and skills with Microsoft Power BI certification.

Are you struggling to provide your sales and marketing teams with practical KPIs and actionable Dashboards that actually add value and drive effective customer engagement? Our BI Consultants are experienced with ao QlikView, Tableau, and now Microsoft Power BI. They have excellent skills in Data Management and MS Excel. And they leverage best practices, acquired through years of experience supporting commercial operations in a diversity of companies.
What’s our value add? We help your management get better insights in the effectiveness of your multichannel strategy and field cycle plans, and make better decisions. We provide your customer facing teams with the information they need for efficient activity planning, and better customer insights. Ultimately improving your commercial effectiveness!
For an overview of Trueson’s Performance Insights services, have a look here.

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