Trueson continues to expand its Veeva proficiency -
adding Vault Administrator certification

28 Aug, 2017 /

Trueson continues to expand its Veeva Vault proficiency. Recently, Michelle van Dam (Commercial Operations, and Business Specialist) successfully passed her Veeva Vault Administrator exam. She now officially is Vault Certified Admin.

GDPR, and the rights of data subjects

10 Aug, 2017 /

In this blogpost we will talk about the rights of data subjects. The GDPR introduces some new rights, and expands the already existing ones. As a company it is crucial to understand these rights, as they might have a big impact on your processes and systems.

Another GDPR hot topic: Consent

26 Jul, 2017 /

In our previous blog post we discussed personal data and sensitive personal data. We also explained what the GDPR says about the grounds on which personal data can be processed. In this blog post we will dive deeper into this subject, focussing on the ground most focussed on in the GDPR: Consent.

GDPR, how sensitive personal data really is

14 Jul, 2017 /

When your company starts working towards GDPR compliance, you must begin with mapping your data estate. What kind of personal data does your company possess? How sensitive is this data? And on what grounds are you processing it?

Takeda Activity Management
successfully implemented across EU

7 Jul, 2017 /

Trueson is proud to have the experts in its team that led this project for Takeda. These privileged interlocutors enable us to accompany you effectively in the implementation of the Veeva CRM Events Management module.

We launched our new website,
and are excited to present you our new look

4 Jul, 2017 /

Our new website provides a clear message of who we are, what we offer, and our values when developing, delivering and maintaining solutions.

The nuts and bolts on GDPR

23 Jun, 2017 /

This first blogpost is the start of a Trueson blog series on the new General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.

GDPR - Are you ready?

21 Jun, 2017 /

Many companies and organisations risk high fines because they are not yet ready for the new data protection law. How is Trueson getting ready for GDPR? How can we help you prepare for it? Check this article and our upcoming blog series!

Trueson expands its BI skills with Power BI

16 Jun, 2017 /

Trueson is expanding its BI services and skills with Microsoft Power BI. Our BI Consultants are experienced with ao QlikView, Tableau, Power BI and have excellent Data Management, SQL and MS Excel skills. Nos consultants en BI sont expérimentés avec QlikView, Tableau et maintenant Power BI. Ils possèdent d'excellentes compétences en gestion de données et MS Excel.