What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Veeva CRM & SFMC Integration

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Veeva and salesforce integration is the best salesforce marketing cloud CRM integration which delivers best-in-class customer engagement! Let Trueson help you with salesforce CRM and marketing cloud integration.

Salesforce CRM marketing cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a Digital Marketing Platform help you know your customers, humanize every moment, optimize your impact.

  1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud comprises a suite of studios and builders (Email Studio, Journey Builder, etc.).
  2. The platform lets you manage to message through multiple channels: email, SMS, ads, and push notification.
  3. Automation Studio and Journey Builder allow customers to automate their marketing campaigns to increase reach and efficiency.
  4. Tracking and reports provide analytics that allows customers to measure and improve their programs.
  5. The API and Enhanced FTP enable integration with any external system. Customers use these to integrate with web analytics, data warehouses, CRM systems, POS systems, custom apps, and more. 

SFMC platform 

Email Studio Use data from every department to build smarter email—from basic marketing campaigns to sophisticated 1-to-1 messages 
Journey Builder Deliver cross-channel personalized experiences at every step of the customer lifecycle with campaign 
Audience Studio Capture data from any source and device, then unify, segment, and activate audiences to create valuable customer experiences 
Data Studio Expand your reach with a data-sharing platform where publishers can share 2nd party data with marketers in a trusted and transparent way 
Mobile Studio Send consistent SMS, push, and chat app messages in real-time 
Social Studio Listen, publish, and engage to create customer advocates. Connect social to marketing, sales, and service in one platform powered by AI. 
Interaction Studio Visualize, track, and manage customer experiences with real-time interaction management—driving valuable engagement at the right moment 
Advertising Studio Use CRM to securely power 1-to-1 advertising across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Display at scale 
Google Analytics 360 Integrations Gain cross-channel insights for seamless customer journeys with Google Analytics 360 + Marketing Cloud. 


Benefits of SFMC marketing

  • Plan, personalize, and optimize customer journeys 
  • Gain more information about your customer 
  • Map customer journeys across multiple channels, devices, and customer lifecycle stages 
  • Nurture your customers as you move them forward in their journeys 
  • Analyze and assess the impact of every customer interaction to determine strengths and flaws in your process 


What is Veeva CRM Salesforce

Veeva CRM is a cloud-based CRM system for the life sciences industry. Veeva the most advanced and only proven life sciences CRM solution helps you to drive intelligent engagement.

Veeva is built on Salesforce, which is a part of Veeva’s Commercial Suite for life sciences.

Veeva pharma Salesforce CONSULTANCY – A solution for Life Science, Pharmaceutical industry


Using SFMC, Veeva users can send tailored emails to many HCPs 


  • The industry is moving towards integrating Sales and Marketing. 
  • SFMC allows emails to be sent in a bulk & for automated journeys to be setup 
  • You can own and directly manage the entire customer relationship including different touchpoints 
  • Interaction history, consent & contact data is all in one place 


  • SFMC connector: send Veeva CRM activities & contacts to Marketing Cloud 
  • Veeva MC Connector: displays Marketing Cloud activities on Veeva’s Activity Timeline 


  • Create customer journeys for different HCP profiles 
  • Include external channels, such as websites, social media, email marketing & Veeva channels 
  • Suggestions can be sent to reps that will lead them to action such as: 
  • Call with CLM 
  • Engage Meetings 
  • Approved Email interactions 

Trueson Services – SFMC Consultancy

  • Data management 
  • Marketing Cloud customized development and configurations, integration (SFMC & Veeva integration) 
  • Implement HTML Email and Email Template to respond to different email clients and multi-devices 
  • Design, Implement and Optimize automation processes to suit your business model 
  • Devise multi-channel strategies including dynamic content/personalization, in-depth customer segmentation, and customer journeys 
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns with insightful metrics and reports on Marketing Cloud 
  • Test, test & test for the best practice in use cases 
  • Marketing cloud web analytics connector

Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud right for You? Contact us to learn more about Salesforce Consulting services, Veeva consulting and their integration.

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