MCCP FastTrack – A Solution for Multichannel Cycle Plans

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Solution cycle for Business Administrators to prepare the Cycle, Cycle Plans, Targets, and Goals into Salesforce without having to prepare load files. 

Multichannel Cycle Plans Overview

Multichannel Cycle Plans (MCCP) allow users to view call goals for each target account and product along with the progress toward those goals.

When preparing Cycle Plans in Veeva CRM, assigning Targets and Goals to Sales Reps, Business Administrators establish Multichannel Cycles and often manually prepare load files for assigning Accounts, Channels, Products, and Goals. This complicated process is time-consuming and sensitive to man-made errors. 

What is cycle plan in Veeva

Cycle Plans or Plans of Action are lists of call activity plans that sales reps have to plan ahead before calling the customer.

What is MCCP FastTrack

MCCP FastTrack is an app developed by Trueson, designed to optimize the preparation of Multichannel Cycle Plans in Veeva CRM.

Acknowledging the need for a powerful tool to manage this process faster and easier, Trueson developed MCCP FastTrack – an app integrated into Salesforce.

Example: Easily clone Cycle with Channels, Products and Cycle Plans (with or without Targets and Goals)

The advantages of Trueson’s MCCP FastTrack

  • Shorten the time to prepare Cycle Plans 
  • Simplify the process to set up and clone Cycles and Cycle Plans 
  • Mass assign Targets/Goals across all Cycle Plans 
  • Minimize the possibility of man-made errors 
  • Eliminate preparation of load files 
  • Integrate directly into Salesforce, leverage Veeva CRM objects and processes 
  • Customize settings and filters based on local business’ specific needs 
  • Have Trueson consultants advise on Multichannel Planning and Execution 

MCCP FastTrack has successfully passed Salesforce’s Security Review and is available on Salesforce AppExchange. 

FREE Veeva MCCP demo HERE  

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