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Marketing Automation & Why Business needs it

Let’s imagine one Monday, you have two meetings to attend, including one sales pitch to a big prospect and a monthly meeting with the account you are in charge. But you still have your daily engaging emails to send out and three social media channels to update. It’s crazy busy,…

Salesforce CRM: 5 Greatest Benefits

As the biggest CRM Platform in the area, Salesforce CRM is popular to various enterprises aiming at boosting their customer relationship management and improving sales performance. However, not all Salesforce users really understand the significant values that Salesforce can add to their business. Let’s dug into and explore the 5…

Trueson – Salesforce Consulting Partner!

Trueson – proudly announce that Trueson officially becomes a Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner.  Doing business in the digital age requires businesses to quickly adapt to customers’ demands in an effective and timely manner. The establishment of IT companies that provide customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and data management is an…

New release: MCCP FastTrack 1.12

Trueson is pleased to announce the MCCP FastTrack 1.12 major release, available now. It contains exciting new features, that help setting Targets and Goals by segment fast and easy. Some of the new features are:  Saving business criteria as Templates Setting Goals across multiple Channels and Products in a single…

Trueson’s 5th anniversary – An Innovative Journey

Happy the 5th anniversary of Trueson! Our new Trueson website is officially launched today, September 18th, 2020, not only in English, French but even localised in Vietnamese!!! Our new website has a better-looking and an upgraded user-friendly interface. At this special occasion, we celebrate Trueson’s 5th anniversary, our newly…

Veeva CRM – A solution for working in Covid-19 era

Despite the tremendous efforts by authorities and scientists to solve the problem, we know we cannot go back to “the old normal” in the next two years. Everyone must adapt quickly to create “the new normal”, including changing our working style, boosting the transformation of digitalization and remote networking. To…

Veeva Preferred Services Partner

MCCP, Veeva
We are pleased to announce that Trueson is officially assigned Veeva Preferred Services Partner for MyInsights and CRM Post-Implementation Support.Our specialists are ready to help you optimize your MultiChannel strategies by providing services for Veeva CRM, MyInsight and Vault. We assist with the setup, maintenance and content for Multichannel tools…

Veeva products during Covid-19 pandemic

Veeva, Workfromhome
Because of Covid-19 travel restrictions and internal risk mitigation plans, life science companies are challenged to connect with HCPs differently, and working from home is an effective solution in this context.  Then, a new concern is raised: How to be productive while working from home? One of the most critical factors…

Types of CRM – Customer Relationship Management

CRM, News
CRM is usually classified into three types: Operational CRM: sales automation, marketing automation, customer service automation. This type facilitates the customer contacts with the organization and subsequent processing and fulfillment of their requirements. Analytical CRM: capture, storage, organization, analysis, interpretation and use of data. This type enables the right customers…