Our Products

MCCP FastTrack

MCCP FastTrack is a Salesforce app developed by Trueson, designed to optimize the preparation of Multichannel Cycle Plans in Veeva CRM. The app is available on AppExchange, main benefits are speed, simplicity and reliability. No more load files needed!

Veeva CRM MyInsights

Trueson is Veeva CRM MyInsights Certified services partner, and developed a library of examples of MyInsights dashboards. Not only replicating common used market and performance reports, but developing new and appealing ways of visualising data.

Xpower/Veeva Interface

Xpower is an all in one profiling, segmentation and targeting platform developed by Xcellen. A powerful yet simple profiling, segmentation and targeting platform that saves you time and work and has a wide range of features.

Order Management Pricing Rules

Trueson is experienced in successfully deploying and managing Veeva CRM Order Management. For the complex process of creating and managing pricing rules in Veeva CRM, Trueson developed the Order Management Pricing Rules solution.

Customer Database Platform

Trueson have extensive experience in managing customer data and integration with CRM solutions. ​To support customers managing their Healthcare Professionals (HCP) Database inhouse, Trueson have developed an HCP Database Framework.