GDPR - Are you ready?

21 Jun, 2017 / GDPR

Many companies and organisations risk high fines because they are not yet ready for the new data protection law. How is Trueson getting ready for GDPR? How can we help you prepare for it? Check this article and our upcoming blog series!

Trueson expands its BI skills with Power BI

16 Jun, 2017 / BI Certification

Trueson is expanding its BI services and skills with Microsoft Power BI. Our BI Consultants are experienced with ao QlikView, Tableau, Power BI and have excellent Data Management, SQL and MS Excel skills. Nos consultants en BI sont expérimentés avec QlikView, Tableau et maintenant Power BI. Ils possèdent d'excellentes compétences en gestion de données et MS Excel.

Trueson expands into France with two Senior Consultants

1 May, 2017 / Team

Trueson is expending its geographical reach and Compliance and DMOS services and skills, welcoming Laurent Ollivier and Jean-Claude Scheffmann, based in France.

Trueson expands into Germany with a Senior Consultant / Architect

15 Apr, 2017 / Team

Trueson welcomes Frederick Rouvière, Senior Consultant and Architect.

Trueson is getting ready for GDPR

13 Mar, 2017 / GDPR

Trueson has on-boarded a security expert to assess and improve its processes.

Trueson expands its Veeva and Salesforce certifications

1 Mar, 2017 / Certification Veeva

Trueson expands on its Veeva and Salesforce certifications.

Trueson announced Veeva Services Partner

9 Feb, 2017 / News Veeva

Trueson now is official Veeva Services Partner! We are proud of this status, which is a great recognition of our value add to Veeva customers, our knowledge and expertise, and our efficient collaboration with Life Sciences professionals!

Trueson organises Veeva CRM Administrator training in Vietnam

1 Feb, 2017 / Certification

Trueson started the Vietnamese new year well, with the first-ever Veeva CRM Administrator training organised in Vietnam.

Trueson sponsors Veeva Network Event

1 Feb, 2017 / Veeva

Trueson is proud sponsor of the Veeva Network Event Benelux, organized on February 9 in Breda.