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01Veeva CRM Multichannel services

Based on your multichannel marketing strategy, Trueson implements the tools and features needed for achieving goals defined:

  • We setup and configure Veeva Multichannel CRM, Approved Email, CLM, Engage and Vault PromoMats to best execute your strategy.
  • We prepare and load data and digital content from multiple sources. We setup custom insights reports to monitor execution.
  • We train your field teams in using the tools and information.
  • And we troubleshoot any issue you may encounter, ensuring a smooth process.

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02CRM services

Trueson certified CRM and data experts support the business, understand life sciences processes and regulations, and have broad expertise in multiple CRM solutions. They effectively align business and ICT, and think in processes and solutions. They manage your day-to-day CRM operations, allowing your commercial teams to focus on initiatives that are key to the business, and providing extra bandwidth. They help optimize CRM adoption by pragmatic and easy-to-maintain configuration.

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03Data Management

Trueson data experts have broad expertise in managing commercial data across your ecosystem of solutions – data on customers (e.g. HCP, HCO), activities, sales, targeting, and transfers of value. And they automate recurring processes to ensure data quality, increase efficiency, limit errors and shorten processing time.

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04Veeva CRM Order Management

Trueson has deep expertise in deploying and managing Veeva CRM Order Management, and the complex process of creating and managing pricing rules. We automate recurring processes to ensure data quality, increase efficiency, limit errors and shorten processing time. Such as the creation of Order Management Pricing Rules, a solution developed to create and manage pricing rules for Veeva CRM Order Management.

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05Veeva CRM Events Management & Transparency reporting

Trueson has deep expertise in Veeva CRM Events Management, in particular in relation to compliance, DMOS, and transparency reporting on transfers of value. Some examples:

  • Deploy the Veeva Events Management module and implement processes related to compliance, DMOS and transparency reporting on transfers of value
  • Develop connectors between Veeva CRM and your transparency publishing tool, expense reporting system, etcetera
  • Analyze events, ebabling control and compliance with procedures and regulatory requirements, where necessary perform corrective actions
  • Develop tools to facilitate monitoring and budgetary management for your managers

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