Email Studio in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Customized content and high open rates automated emails can take your business to the next level. Salesforce email studio is a powerful tool for marketing automation.

Email Studio in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Email Studio in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the leading email marketing platform for businesses. It allows users to segment customer data and build 1-to-1 marketing campaigns, engaging customers at every touch point of their buying cycle. 

How can Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio help?

  1. Personalizing message to reach more target audiences  

Sending out the right message to the right customer at the time by  

(i) segmenting subscriber data; 

(ii) using AI to recommend valuable content; 

(iii) scheduling messages and reports; and  

(iv) activating first-party data across multiple channels; 

  1. Creating more appealing email campaigns 
  • Quickly designing responsive emails/customizable templates that display well on different devices; 
  • Personalizing messages by in-app tools or script language to ignite interactions with emails; 
  1. Saving time when sending out 1-to-1 messages 
  • Automating the email journey boost efficiency while maintaining 1-to-1 relationships with every customer; 
  • Improving future email campaigns with A/B tests and performance reports; 

Salesforce Marketing Email Studio key functionalities

  • Subscriber Data Management 
  • Audience segmentation 
    • Data Population 
    • Content Creation tools 
  • Create emails/customizable email templates 
    • Create reusable elements, including text, HTML, images, buttons, and dynamic content 
    • Manage files in structural folders 
    • Unite blocks, emails, templates, and images in the same location

Salesforce Marketing Email Studio vs. Veeva Approved Email

 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio Veeva Approved Email 
Content creation tools Built-in features itself Third-party editing apps integrated 
Positioning Campaign Level: can be scheduled/integrated with an extensive marketing campaign in Marketing Cloud, involving multiple channels Email Level: Can send single/multiple emails during/after calls directly from the online meeting portal  

Trueson Services – SFMC Consultancy

  • Data management  
  • Marketing Cloud customized development and configurations, integration (SFMC & Veeva integration)  
  • Implement HTML Email and Email Template to respond to different email clients and multi-devices  
  • Design, Implement and Optimize automation processes to suit your business model  
  • Devise multi-channel strategies including dynamic content/personalization, in-depth customer segmentation, and customer journeys  
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns with insightful metrics and reports on Marketing Cloud  
  • Test, test & test for the best practice in use cases  
  • Marketing cloud web analytics connector 

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