MCCP FastTrack reduces time-consuming tasks for
Veeva CRM Users

MCCP FastTrack is an app to ease the preparation of Multichannel Cycle Plans in Veeva CRM

50+ Countries simplify the process

Significantly simplify the preparation of Multichannel Cycle Plans in Veeva CRM with Trueson’s MCCP FastTrack app​

CRM and Life Sciences
business scenarios supported

Clone an Master Cycle

Clone a Master Cycle and Set Standard Goals and Targets by segment, using the latest segmentation data

How does it improve the Veeva CRM standard process?

Easy workflow

Add Targets and Goals to all Cycle Plans, Review and finetune, designed for Business Administrators, same look and feel as Veeva CRM

Goal Templates

Save business criteria and goals as Templates

Set Standard Goals

Mass-assign Targets and Goals on all Cycle Plans, by segment and on a single page

Easy to use

Easy to add, review and edit Goals by Target and Channel, highlighting revisions

Copy Cycles and Cycle Plans

Clone a Master Cycle or previous Cycle and Cycle Plans, excluding Accounts no longer flagged as TSF My Target

Automatic calculation

Automatic calculation of (revised) Cycle Plan Interactions Goal

    Shorten the time to prepare Cycle Plans

    Save time, using clone and setting standard goals by segment; Manage the entire Cycle Plan preparation without load files

    Setup in an hour

    Clone to re-use

    Mass assign

    Fully integrated

    Easy to use workflow

    Simple to add-review-edit targets and goals with same look and feel as Veeva CRM

    No manual creation outside of Veeva CRM

    Avoid the risk of common errors to load files and ID duplication

    Manage the Cycle preparation online with your account and segmentation data

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