Strategic Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Services

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What is a Business Intelligence solution?

A business intelligence (BI) solution involves using both strategic planning and technological tools to collect, evaluate, and interpret data from various internal and external sources. The ultimate objective of this process is to turn raw data into valuable key insights into the subject under investigation and, finally, to make better data-driven business decisions.

Main components of
ERP Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing

  • Data warehousing: Storing CRM structured and historical data as well as building a data mart for business analytics.
  • Data lakehouse: Storing CRM unstructured and structured data as well as many types of flat files or media files.
  • Data governance: Storing CRM meta-data and lineage for a deeper understanding of data definition and data meaning.

How does it benefit for your data driven decision making ?

Valuable Insights

Organization-wide ‘Single–truth’ information and independence from Salesforce

Access to the right information at the right time

Users can generate their own reports.

Online information

Near real-time and possible real-time data update

Analytic functions

Advanced statistical and analytical techniques to analyze data, and identify patterns, trends, as well as opportunities

Interactive information

Real-time insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) via Views, Graphs, and Reports

Automatic data update

Saves thousands of hours of effort in extracting and implementing reports

    Easy to deploy, develop, monitor and share.

    Easy to deploy using Docker framework

    Easy to follow and develop data pipeline using Nifi webapp/ Airflow/ DBT

    Easy to share with Power BI / Superset integration.

    On-premise solution for best security

    Deploy on Client’s Server

    Low cost solution

    Independent with cloud ELT services

    Easy to manage cost and privacy

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