Veeva Consulting Services

Our Veeva specialists have a significant background in Life Sciences and Healthcare. As Veeva Services Preferred Partner/ Veeva Partner, Trueson provides a wide range of Veeva Consulting services, from Business Administration and Content Management to Integration.

In need of support on your Veeva systems and projects?

Veeva Vault and Content Management

Get support from our Veeva Multichannel Content certified experts with html5 and JavaScript expertise

Extra Business Admin bandwidth?

Get support from a team of Veeva, Salesforce and Data experts on your day-to-day operations

Veeva projects requiring
Life Science expertise

Get assistance on your Veeva or Salesforce implementation projects

Integrate Applications

Integrate business processes and data, Simplify user interactions, Enforce data integrity

Improve your team’s performance with Veeva CRM

Veeva integration partners are here to advise you on adapting and transforming your business:

✓ Consultancy
✓ Develop actionable Reports and Dashboards
✓ Project Management, PMO
✓ Requirements collection and documentation
✓ Technical and End User documentation
✓ Development
✓ Configuration
✓ QA
✓ UAT Support
✓ Training
✓ Maintenance
✓ Technical Support, End User Support
✓ Best Practices sharing
✓ Veeva implementation support/ Veeva implementation assistance
✓ Veeva integration/ Veeva integration support

Trueson Veeva Consultants contribute to success in your projects and operations

Software adoption solutions

Customizing tools to meet customers’ specific requirements

Operations management, training and managed services

Business administration, CRM support, data management and reporting

Zalo Integration – Trueson’s self-developed product for the Vietnam market

Zalo is the most popular mobile messaging app in Vietnam, with more than 100 million users around the world. Integrating Zalo into Veeva CRM allows users to access free messaging, easily visit their contacts anytime at anywhere with Internet connection.

Why choose Trueson?

8 years of experience in Veeva Consulting in Life Sciences

A team of Business and Technical professionals, Veeva and Salesforce certified, with significant background in the Life Science and Health Care industry, Data Management and Business Intelligence

Veeva Services Partner (Preferred Partner for MyInsights and Post-implementation CRM Support), Veeva Content Partner, Salesforce ISV Partner, and Salesforce Consulting partner

Wide range of Veeva services ranging from Business Administration and Content Management to Consulting and Integration

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