Is your Digital Marketeer overwhelmed with Digital Content creation, or do you simply need more help in preparing Cycle Content?

Trueson manages Digital Content on your behalf or assists you with these. Services include the creation or localization of interactive ADV/CLM and Approved Emails in Anthill Activator and Vault PromoMats. Trueson Content Services are subscribed as pre-paid Service  Units.

Some examples:

  • Upload presentations from PDF / PPTX / InDD
  • Implement navigation, buttons and interactions
  • Localize presentations
  • Upload fonts and leave-behinds
  • Create or modify Approved Email templates and fragments   

What are the rates?

You purchase a package of Service Units upfront (like a pre-paid Strip Card), packages come in 100 or 200 Service Units. Each Service Unit includes coordination, communication, metadata and testing. 

Each task consumes a predetermined amount of Service Units and gets deducted from your purchased number of Service Units. You will always know how many SU you have left, and new Service Units can be purchased easily.

What are the Benefits of Trueson Content Services?

Trueson are Veeva Content Partner, Veeva Services Partner and Salesforce Consulting Partner and hold all relevant Veeva and Vault certifications. Trueson are trained and experienced in Anthill Activator.

Trueson Content Services help you prepare Content in time for upcoming Cycles, and help localize DMI Content or maintain local Content.

Your benefits:

  • Available on short term 
  • Experts in CLM and Approved Email
  • Experts in Anthill Activator and Vault PromoMats 
  • Easy to budget 
  • Continuity
  • Speed

How are Trueson Content Services organized?

Trueson is organized in centralized teams. You will have a dedicated point of contact that is supported by a team of Digital Content experts including Graphic designers, Front-End developers, Content Managers, Content Migration experts, CRM administrators, BI specialists and Data Analysts.

Our operators speak English (and depending on your point of contact: Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Vietnamese).

 Once you post a Request, your point of contact will acknowledge the demand within 24 hours, will confirm the debited number of SU, and will indicate an expected date of completion of the task. 

We regularly organize Service Review meetings to review the status on current tasks, operations, SU debits report, and any issues or mitigations.

Why work with Trueson?

Working with Trueson increases business and strategic agility and better customer visibility. It streamlines your commercial operations and improves insights, enabling better adoption of Veeva and Vault solutions.

Trueson Content Services are recommended by L’Oréal Global and currently used by L’Oréal UK, Belgium and Netherlands and for Med Pro project activities. We will soon start to support also Switzerland and are ready to support more L’Oréal affiliates.

Trueson also provides Business Admin Services, for which specific Support Packages are available.