Data Management

Trueson data experts have broad expertise in managing commercial data across your ecosystem of solutions – data on customers (e.g. HCP, HCO), activities, sales, targeting, and transfers of value.

Some of the activities we manage around your data:


We automate recurring processes to ensure data quality, increase efficiency, limit errors and shorten processing time.

Such as recurring sales data loads: we automate the process of transforming wholesaler data into formats required by e.g. Veeva CRM, generating load reports, reporting on process KPI, etcetera.

Or Veeva CRM Multichannel Cycle Plan data management: we developed a tool that helps commercial teams reduce the administrative burden of Veeva CRM multichannel cycle planning, and automate the creation of load files and migration from sandbox to production environment.

You can find more information about Trueson CRM Suite: MCCP Manager here.