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Trueson continues to expand its Veeva proficiency – adding Vault Administrator certification

Trueson continues to expand its Veeva Vault proficiency. Recently, Michelle van Dam (Commercial Operations, and Business Specialist) participated in Veeva Vault Platform Training and successfully passed her Vault Administrator exam. She is now officially Vault Certified Admin.

What is Vault Platform?

A cloud enterprise content management platform and suite of applications specifically built for life sciences, with the unique capability to manage both content and data. Vault Platform is easily configured to build new applications, and manage any type of high-value information with custom applications that interoperate with your other Vaults. Vault provides a range of Vault applications built on the same core platform – including Vault PromoMats.

What is veeva vault promomats

A comprehensive solution for compliant, commercial content management. Designed to get your message to market faster with easy internal and external collaboration and more efficient reviews. The single-click distribution and withdrawal through Veeva Multichannel CRM keeps content current and compliant.

Trueson Experts has Vault Administrator certification

What is Trueson’s value add? Efficient management of your CRM system (Veeva, Salesforce, or any other), successful (multi-country) execution and ongoing support on your Multichannel projects, and effective business support.

For an overview of Vault Platform, check Veeva’s website here.

Trueson team and capabilities can help you more on veeva vault promomats, contact us here.

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