Why you should integrate Salesforce into your Business Data Warehouse

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Data warehousing is the secure electronic storage of information by a business or other organization. The goal of data warehousing is to create a trove of historical data that can be retrieved and analyzed to provide useful insight into the organization’s operations”, as defined by Investopedia. Simply speaking, a data warehouse is a system containing data from different resources, which can be used for reporting and data analysis. It is the core of business intelligence, allowing the management team to make the most appropriate decisions. 

Nowadays, data warehousing is cloud-based. Without upfront costs (such as hardware, server rooms…), data warehousing is cost-effective. Cloud encryption services also help to secure your data. You can set up Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to reduce the possibility of breach while your users have access to the data from anywhere around the world. Thanks to data warehousing, data is more available and accessible than ever before. 

Why you should integrate Salesforce into your Business Data Warehouse 

If you have a huge amount of data not only on Salesforce, but also on other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and you want to create reports and dashboards that help to visualize your business performance, you have to collect data from every source, put into one storage place.  Data can be loaded onto Salesforce to report on.

However, Salesforce only encourages to get data into Salesforce.com if there are fewer data to be imported than the one to be exported, or there are other records needed by Salesforce users. Also, some data cannot be on Salesforce, such as orders in an SAP financials system, contracts held in an Oracle fulfillment management system, or phone records in a billing system, etc. When you integrate Salesforce into your Data Warehouse, it will allow you to: 

Collect data from multiple data sources, including CRM data, Finance data, Human Resource data, etc. 

Ensure data security, you are the sole party granted the controlling and access permission

Obtain cost optimization, no need to pay for Salesforce license fee to store your data 


Trueson is here to help 

Specializing in Business Intelligence (BI), CRM, and Data Management, Trueson provides services in: 

  • Integrating data on Salesforce and other platforms to your Business Data Warehouse 
  • Setting up Data Pipeline & ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process 
  • Analyzing data based on your business needs 
  • Optimizing performance of the Central Data Warehouse 
  • Visualizing your data on Salesforce Reports & Dashboards, Power BI, Data Analysis toolset 
  • Creating reports and dashboards 

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