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Salesforce CRM: 5 Greatest Benefits

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As the biggest CRM Platform in the area, Salesforce CRM is popular to various enterprises aiming at boosting their customer relationship management and improving sales performance. However, not all Salesforce users really understand the significant values that Salesforce can add to their business. Let’s dug into and explore the 5 greatest benefits that Salesforce can give you. 

1. More buyers

Understanding customer needs and concerns is the golden key to win your sales. Salesforce allows users to collect, sort and analyze a huge amount of qualifying information that can turn leads into prospects. Particularly, you are able to build detailed customer demography. Consequently, your team can plan a personalized marketing strategy to approach the target customers and follow up on your accounts 

2. Better customer service

To make your first-time buyer become a loyal customer in this hi-tech era, excellent customer relationship management, such as a 1:1 marketing strategy, is inevitable. By using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can easily connect with customers, quickly resolve their concerns and sustain their satisfaction. Salesforce helps you to well organize your customer data, makes individualized interactions with customers a simpler process. 

3. Amazing shopping experience

No matter how many visitors go to your website, if they leave without any further actions such as subscribe or make an order, your marketing campaign is useless. Any kind of problems including slow loading or inconsistent level of service across channels may turn your grounded marketing campaign into just a piece of paper (or a useless file). With Salesforce’s tools, you will make it to design a unified and personalized customer journey, provide a consistent digital experience on every channel and achieve your marketing goals. 

4. Time-saving – and money-saving

Salesforce AI assists users to automate administrative tasks such as updating customer information, follow-up emails, prepare invoices, process claims, etc. What is more, Salesforce users are able to customize their apps based on their specific needs and exchange with others, which means sometimes you don’t need to develop an app yourselves. Imagine how much time and money you can save with those tools! 

5. Accessibility

Using the Salesforce CRM Platform, you only need one thing – the Internet, no requirement of hardware. You and your team can access Salesforce from anywhere, on any device from your PC to your mobile, and at any time. This function is extremely beneficial to all companies under the current situation when work-from-home is mandatory and physical interaction becomes life-risking. 

Work smarter with Salesforce! Let Trueson help you! 

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, Trueson is here to advise you on:  

  • How to tailor the delivery model to meet your business requirements 
  • How to implement Salesforce efficiently around your budget within a reasonable time 
  • How to customize an app based on your needs and business model 

Not just Salesforce implementation, Our Services also include centralized and long-term System Administration & CRM Support with timely and high-quality services. 

With a strong team of experienced consultants and skilled developers, Trueson guarantees top-quality services within your budget in a timely and professional manner. 


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