Marketing Automation & Why Business needs it

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Let’s imagine one Monday, you have two meetings to attend, including one sales pitch to a big prospect and a monthly meeting with the account you are in charge. But you still have your daily engaging emails to send out and three social media channels to update. It’s crazy busy, isn’t it? That’s why people came up with the idea of Marketing Automation – a stateof-the-art tool to help marketers accomplish their goals. 

1. What is Marketing Automation? 

Marketing Automation is a technology developed to automate online marketing campaigns and sales activities across multi-channels (Hubspot, n.d.). In particular, Marketing Automation software is used to sustain the relationship with customers by sending personalized emails, messages, social media posts. An exceptional tool can identify your target customer, then create suitable content based on your database, and even handle repetitive tasks. 

Marketing Automation is an effective tool to force your customer to go through the buyer journey, operate your 1:1 marketing strategy and build up a long-lasting customer relationship. 

2. Why a business needs Marketing Automation? 

Marketing Automation software will reduce human-made errors, generate more leads and nurture your prospects. By implementing Marketing Automation campaigns, your business will be able to save time and cost, allow your staff to focus on solving other complicated problems and increase your return on investment. 

3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud – The Leading Marketing Automation software 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of Salesforce’s most-favored products functioning as a 1:1 digital marketing platform to communicate with customerswith the right message, in the right tone, at the right time” (Salesforce, n.d.). Salesforce (n.d.) pointed out that with the Marketing Cloud, users could: 

  • Take a comprehensive view of the customer 
  • Know customers better based on collected data, implementing Einstein Analytics and Machine Learning technologies 
  • Build a long-term relationship with customers, maximize the customer experience across every touchpoint during their journey 
  • Boost productivity, sustain customer loyalty, and measure marketing performance 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud products include Journey Builder, Email Studio, Audience Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Datorama, Interaction Studio, Data Studio, Google Analytics 360, and Pardot. 

4. Trueson’s Marketing Cloud Consulting Services 

As a Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner, Trueson provides various services to help users optimize their marketing automation campaigns and take full advantage of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Our services: 

  • Data migration and data cleansing services  
  • Marketing Cloud customized development and configurations  
  • Design, Implement and Optimize automation processes to suit your business model  
  • Devise multi-channel strategies including dynamic content/ personalization, in-depth customer segmentation, and customer journeys  
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns with insightful metrics and reports on Marketing Cloud 


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