MCCP FastTrack App: 4 Powerful Features

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What is MCCP FastTrack app?

MCCP FastTrack App – a game-changing tool specifically designed for local business administrators in the Health Sciences industry who utilize Veeva CRM. This powerful app provides a seamless and efficient way to set up Multichannel Cycle Plans (MCCP) globally and locally, with a user-friendly interface and access to key segmentation information about healthcare professionals (HCP) and healthcare organizations (HCO).  MCCP FastTrack and its four powerful features simplify the process of creating and managing MCCP, making it an essential tool for Health Sciences companies.

The powerful features of MCCP FastTrack

  1. Set Standard Goals by segmentation or any other criteria

Set Standard Goals

One of the standout features of MCCP FastTrack is the ability to set the Standard Goals by segmentation or by using any other criteria across multiple Cycle Plans at once. Set Standard Goals (SSG) is a powerful feature within the MCCP FastTrack app that allows local business administrators to quickly identify the targeted HCPs and set goals for multiple Cycle Plans all at once on a single page. With dynamic custom search filters or by using Advanced custom filters on Account, Address, Product and Territory Fields objects, the users can quickly find their targets and distribute them across selected Cycle Plans by territory. MCCP FastTrack has the ability to save your search criteria as data templates, which can be re-used for later. It can help to save time and reduce the workload significantly.

  1. Review the Cycle Plan and Edit the Targets & Goals and Approval

Review Cycle Plans

Another exciting feature of MCCP FastTrack is the option to review the targeted HCPS and their Standard Goals in the MCCP. The MCCP owner can modify the Standard Goals or add/remove target HCPs in certain cases such as HCPs who are hard to reach etc. The edited goals will be highlighted in the MCCP and the changes require the Manager’s approval. The MCCP owner can submit the Cycle Plan for approval by clicking on Submit for Approval button. The Manager will automatically receive a notification for the MCCP approval. If the MCCP is approved by the manager, FastTrack incorporates the approved changes into the MCCP.

  1. Clone MCCP Cycle/Cycle Plans

Clone MCCP

Another powerful feature of MCCP FastTrack is the cloning of MCCP Cycle/Cycle Plans. The Business Admin user can create a Master Cycle Template with all the MCCPs  without any targeted HCPs. This Master Cycle can be cloned for each future Cycle. This significantly saves time and effort for the business admin user to create new Cycle and Cycle Plans every time to populate the targets and goals. MCCP FastTrack also supports cloning of the existing Cycle Plans including targets and goals, a new copy will be created and the Business Admin can modify the Cycle Start/End dates etc. while cloning. Also, options are available to skip the non-targets and inactive targets from the original Cycle Plans to the cloned Cycle Plans.

  1. ETL with predefined data load templates

ETL in FastTrack

ETL (extract, transform, and load) helps you with the data loading process in MCCP FastTrack. With ETL, you can download your load file template from the ETL menu and tailor it to your specific needs. Templates are available for loading Cycle Plans, Targets and Goals by ID or Name. Download the tailored template and fill in the data, upload, and wait for the completion.

In conclusion, the MCCP FastTrack app is an indispensable tool for local business administrators in the Life Sciences industry who use Veeva CRM. Its powerful features as mentioned above make it easy to set up and manage Multichannel Cycle Plans in both local and global level, leading to improved efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness in engagement strategies. Embrace the power of MCCP FastTrack to enhance your MCCP management and drive success for your Life Sciences company.

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