Top 3 minor updates you should know about Veeva CRM Release 2022

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Veeva CRM release 2022 – 22R1.3: New features relevant to Content Management 

A minor Veeva CRM Release 2022 was introduced in June 2022.  Beginning with 22R1.3, Veeva CRM has implemented some highlight features that would significantly affect how we use their app. Let’s see what they are and how they will improve Veeva CRM app performance. 

Veeva CRM Desktop app 

Image 1: Veeva CRM Desktop app for Windows

In the latest release, Veeva CRM introduced Desktop app, which is available for Windows, MacOS, and iOS. The desktop app allows users to access their media library anytime, anywhere, on several kinds of devices. Now, users are able to share their CLM content with their HCPs during calls or Engage Meetings (Engage Meetings is only available on Veeva CRM Desktop app for Windows). 

To learn more, please visit here.

Viewing and Sharing Websites in the iPad Media Library

Veeva CRM Release 2022 - Media Library
Image 2: Media Library on Veeva app iPad

Acknowledging that sales reps want to share external information resources with HCPs, Veeva CRM app has now allowed users to display website content and share website via a link in the Media Library. There is an embedded browser to launch the website with the app, or users can choose to open a website on their device’s default browsers. 

Moreover, the new feature to share websites via a link allows users to share approved content with HCPs using non-email channels. Users can also track visitor engagement with specific websites. 

How to configure Sharing websites via a link? Find out here.

Sending Meeting Request Configuration

Image 3: Sending Meeting Request on Veeva CRM Desktop app

With the launch of Veeva CRM Desktop app, Veeva also introduces a new enhancement to send meeting requests on the app. The meeting request is sent out with Approved Email. Therefore, this feature needs to be configured on Salesforce in advance. How to configure Sending Meeting Requests with Approved Email? Learn more here.

These features mentioned above are the last updates of Veeva CRM 22R1. By the end of July 2022, Veeva will launch the second major release 22R2, which is expected to enhance the functionality and capabilities of Approved Email. Trueson will discuss it in more detail in the upcoming blog.

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