MSD Netherlands and Trueson extend cooperation

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Pharmaceutical company MSD has extended their collaboration with Trueson for the next 2 years for support on Veeva CRM and technical support for Veeva Content. A cooperation where partnership, service and a shared no-nonsense culture are key.  

MSD is the largest pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands with a focus on oncology, hospital care, vaccines and animal health. MSD’s customers, particularly physicians, have increasingly high expectations when it comes to service. For MSD, this meant that a different kind of service was also necessary; more personal, faster and more digital. That is why the company initiated a digital and business transformation about one and a half years ago. 

Steffie Veen-Vroomen, Digital, Data & Design lead at MSD, has been working for the Human Health division of MSD Netherlands since spring 2021. Together with a team of experts, she is responsible for supporting the business teams in the objective of developing engaging and interactive digital customer experiences addressing specific customer needs.  

Selection of partners 

Over the past few months, a team of marketers, digital experts and procurement specialists re-evaluated the marketing activities within MSD: “Based on an assessment, we defined the most common activities within our business teams. For those activities we selected several parties to present their proposed approach. The documentation provided, the presentation and a question & answer session, helped us to make an informed decision on preferred agencies to work with.” Trueson was selected for 2 years to support Veeva CRM, Veeva Approved Emails and interactive presentations. 

Trueson: an honest story 

Why was Trueson selected? Steffie: “Trueson had an advantage as we have been working with them effectively for a few years now. Their presentation showed that they know and understand MSD. Trueson’s core capabilities and technical expertise are built around the Veeva suite. They are very transparent about this focus, making them a highly trustworthy partner.” According to Steffie, in-depth technical expertise of Veeva is often lacking within full-service marketing agencies. So, having a specialty partner as Trueson, is essential for the quality of Veeva related work. 

Insight into costs and lead times 

Steffie is also enthusiastic about Trueson’s service model. MSD buys a package of so-called service units from Trueson with a clear overview of the number of units and throughput time required per activity. “This model allows us to know exactly how much time and costs are associated with what activities. No negative surprises afterwards. Next to the business model, it is convenient to work with one central point of contact. We know there is an entire team working for us, but that is smoothly managed by Trueson for us”.  

No-nonsense and pragmatic 

For MSD, Trueson is an equal partner. “It is an incredibly pragmatic, no-nonsense, hands-on partner with a ‘yes, and…’ mentality. I don’t feel someone is selling me something”, Steffie says. This collaboration will certainly continue for the next two years during which MSD, with the help of Trueson and the Veeva suite, wants to grow on personalization and automation. 

Veeva Partner 2022Official Veeva Partner in many years

In 2022, Trueson continues sustaining the status of Veeva CRM Preferred Partner. We are proud to announce that in 2022 Trueson continues to qualify as Veeva CRM Support Preferred Partner. With a team of experienced Veeva CRM experts, we guarantee to provide our customers with the best advice and support.

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