Customer Database Platform

Tracking and managing HCP Database is important for a pharmaceutical/ life science business to grow and succeed. Customer database platform helps sooner or later in driving sales.

What is a customer database?

An HCP customer database is a collection of information that contains lead contact details like a person’s names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc.

On a strategic level, a customer database can be used to create audience persona, customer journey, customer preferences, and sales funnels. This way, the company gets a broad view of customers’ sales and marketing data from a single place.

Hcp database integration with CRM solutions

To support customers managing their Healthcare Professionals (HCP) Database in-house, Trueson has developed a Customer Database Platform. This allows you to organize, structure, and manage your own HCP database yourself online, and integrate with Salesforce Sales or Veeva CRM. This is especially of interest if no HCP databases are available to subscribe to in your countries, offering you a solid consistent solution to manage your customer data in-house.

Key features of the Customer Database Platform

  • One view on the professional
  • Addresses, hospital DMU (visit), postal address (mail), website, telephone number, mobile number, social media, etcetera
  • Email address, Consent registration
  • DCR / Validation tool
  • Connector with Salesforce or Veeva CRM
  • Manage your field users’ Data Change Requests 

Key benefits of the Customer Database Platform

  • Correct healthcare structure (HCO’s, HCP’s, DMU’s, Government, Patient Organisations, HCP Organisations, Networks)
  • Avoid duplicates
  • Consistent structure across countries
  • Link with systems like Salesforce, Veeva, ERP, inhouse Sales Organisations
  • Manage consent and compliance
  • Support for digital / online strategy healthcare
  • Supportive of syndicated cooperation

Customer contact database can be easy with the help of our professional veeva consultancy, contact us or read more about veeva integration.